From flower to fabric

Witness the magic of artisanal lotus silk making

Lotus Silk Ready to Wear


      Acala Stem dares to bridge the gap between luxury and empathy. 

      Indulge in the pride of wearing lotus silk, a testament to your unwavering commitment to the environment and humanitarian causes via ethical luxury. Each piece becomes a bold statement, a harmonious fusion of opulence and advocacy.


      Winners of two GOLD for the 2023 Women Changing the World Awards for Sustainability and Environmental Impact, Acala Stem are world leaders in the future of ethical luxury.

      Social Impact

      Bridging the gap between luxury and empathy

      Changing the world is in the hands of the world's companies and their supply chains, and Acala Stem is showing just how to do it, by creating work opportunities for parents that support the wellbeing of their children first and foremost.

      Endorsed by Vogue Magazine

      "Lotus woven into fabric so soft it feels like being swaddled in a cloud." Vogue magazine discovers Acala Stem and it's exquisite lotus silk.