Acala Stem’s fabric is made from the flower that trusts in the light, perseveres through the mud to emerge beautiful and whole, with the ability to heal others. This flower believes in new beginnings.

For centuries eastern philosophers have sworn by the lotus’s remedial healing abilities, which they believe can aid the treatment of anxiety, fertility, headaches, heart ailments, asthma and lung issues. The unique medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic properties of the lotus are a big bonus for our calming eye pillows.

The production process requires no water, gas, oil or electricity to produce, making it the most earth-friendly fabric in the world. Even the stems are lifted from underwater on a raft and oar.

Since the 5th century this magnificent fabric has only been worn by Buddhist monks and the highest royalty, until now.

Watch our video below on the journey to Cambodia to discover the lotus fabric for the first time.