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Witness the artisanal splendour of lotus silk making

Need a good sleep? Our sleep mask is not like the others...

20TH APR 2021

A good sleep can do wonders for your wellbeing. It can boost your immune system, prevent weight gain, improve your mood, memory & exercise performance, just to name a few.

Lotus stem (also known as lotus root) is a proven superfood, a natural botanical, grown wild and in continuous abundance across freshwater lakes, nourished only by rainwater and sunshine.

Lotus is set to take over the modern healthy fashion movement, being a sacred symbol of spirituality and wellbeing for thousands of years.

We’ve now woven the pure lotus stem into an ultra-soft, fabric sleep mask, which is soothing, calming and incredible for the skin.

Our lotus fabric has been clinically tested with an antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%*.

The added bonus of the anti-bacterial properties, means it’s not only preventing bacteria from forming on it – it actually kills it.

This is ground-breaking for a chemical-free, natural botanical fibre. It can help keep the skin clear and prevent any further promotion of acne from contact.

Thick sleep masks lined with synthetic fibres can do more harm than good to your skin, as the eye area is the most delicate part of your face.

We also tested our lotus microfibre for its breathability (pressure differential) with a result of 0.54 (mm H2O/cm2)^, that’s at least 5 times more breathable than the synthetic fibres often found inside sleep masks.

It’s very important when wearing a sleep mask that your skin can still breathe, to prevent the build up of bacteria, causing acne and other skin irritations.

This is why we call it the Beauty Sleep Mask.

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*Testing was performed to the Korean Standard KS K 0693:2016.
^Testing performed to the European standard EN 146