The luxury ahead of its time

Global winner of 'The Women Changing the World Awards' for Sustainability and Environmental Impact.

Blue Lotus for
the skin and soul

The enchanting allure of blue lotus continues its magic, offering a timeless remedy for body and soul since 3000 BC.

clean skin

Clean up your beauty routine with the powerful properties of the lotus flower

A fashion revolution

Restoring the future with purpose – lotus silk scarf production requires no water, gas, oil or electricity.
Winners of the 2023 Women changing the world awards

"Acala Stem, the proud recipients of the esteemed 'Women Changing the World Awards' for their unparalleled commitment to sustainability and environmental impact, have carved their own path, setting the new standards of excellence with their opulent lotus silk."

The new luxury

A new benchmark is set, one that surpasses conventional notions of quality and embraces a profound connection to the world around us.

From flower to fabric

Witness the magic of artisanal lotus silk making


nature meets sceince

Acala Stem's lotus silk has been clinically tested at world renown Nelson Labs for its efficacy. Results are ultra-breathability and also an antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of over 99%.

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Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil

Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil

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Prepare for a transformation of your skin with the ultimate game-changer. Delve into the depths of history as historians unveil the Ancient Egyptian secrets encoded within hieroglyphs, revealing the Blue Lotus flower as a revered offering for healing, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and sacred ceremonies since 3000BC.

Experience the allure of Blue Lotus, enveloped in a captivating fragrance that bestows a gentle sense of relief and clarity. This extraordinary product embraces simplicity, with only two pure plant-based ingredients. It's what's absent from this formulation that makes it a beloved companion for your skin and hair.


Social Impact

Bridging the gap between luxury and empathy

Changing the world is in the hands of the world's companies and their supply chains, and Acala Stem is showing just how to do it.

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Acala Stem is committed to producing the most ecological fabric in the world. Our lotus stem production process requires no water, gas, oil or electricity.


Winner of the Clean and Conscious award Social Responsibility Award in the Body category. “A true leader of change, social responsibility is at the heart of this business".

100% plant-based

We’ve made bold conscious choices and we’re fierce in our determination to create change, and set a new pathway for the future of ethical luxury.


Our lotus microfibre has been clinically tested with the antibacterial activity of greater than 99%*. This is ground-breaking for a chemical-free, natural botanical fibre.


We're a female-lead team of ambitious change makers based in the sunny bayside area of Melbourne Australia


It's been our cult following of loyal customers that have helped us shape our brand and its products so far.