Lotus Yogi Gift Set

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All Yogi gift sets come in keepsake gift box and small gift tag, saving time, money and earth's resources.

Our own organic cotton/lotus fabric has been manually woven on a traditional wooden loom, which requires no water, gas, electricity or oil to operate. Just a highly skilled and highly valued artisan who’s weaving knowledge has been passed down for generations.

Our pure lotus fabric has been clinically tested with an antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%*. This is big news for keeping the skin clear and preventing any further promotion of acne from contact. 

For centuries eastern philosophers and traditional chinese alchemists has sworn by the Lotus’s powerful abilities.

Eye pillows do more than just block out the light. If you're searching for calm, please read on.

These little pillows penetrate a nerve just below the surface called the ‘vagus’ nerve, the main balancer of the parasympathetic nervous system.

The pressure on the vagus nerve is known to regulate heart rate, aid digestion, and also regulate mood. It gives the mind and body permission to relax and let go. This nerve also evokes parts of the brain that enable us to reach out and connect with others.

Relaxation is enabled through the perfect amount of pressure applied to your eyes, transmitting into the rest of the muscles in your face and shoulders. This neurological signal gives your body and mind the message of relaxation and even pleasure.

Eye pillows are a wonderfully natural and harmless device for stress relief.

Make a difference to your day with dedicating just 10 minutes to restore your body and soul. Lie back and let mother earth do all the work with this high vibrational fabric. Create a private universe and treat yourself to some quiet moments and observe time standing still. 

Our eye pillow is a wonderful complement to your meditation or yoga savasana practice.

The internal casing is re-fillable for longevity of the product. You can top up with your favourite aromatherapy scents to ensure you’ll be using your eye pillow for years to come.

Every purchase of our Lotus Yogi Gift Set supports and empowers women in Cambodia to become financially independent, with a fair wage and flexible working conditions. The same you’d expect for your own loved ones.

*Testing was performed to the Korean Standard KS K 0693:2016. 

Care instructions for eye pillow: The outer casing of cotton/lotus fabric is hand-washable with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dried in a shady spot. The organic cotton inner casing can be machine washable once all filling is removed. 

Care instructions for scrunchie: Hand wash with mild or wool detergent and line dry.

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