Storm Womens Lotus Microfibre Face Mask

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Our most popular and highly sought-after face covering due to its breathability and unique lotus fabric panel. This Acala Stem face covering is designed with 2 outer layers of organic cotton, and the inner panel 100% pure lotus. The fibres are soft, silky, light-weight, ultra-breathable and super absorbenT, ideal for a humid climate.

Creating a static charge, thanks to its 200,000 fibres per inch of fabric, the lotus microfibre filters over 4 times more than ordinary cloth. The lotus microfibres absorb 7 times their weight in water, dry 3 times faster than cotton, are smooth on the skin and hypoallergenic.*

The Production process of our lotus fabric requires no water, electricity, oil or gas to produce, preserving our planet's precious resources, making it the most ecological fabric in the world.

We only use DyStar fabric dyes on our masks, which is certified Oeko-Tex and contains no heavy metals. 

For centuries eastern philosophers have documented the Lotus stem (also known as lotus root) and its symbolic importance. We encourage you to undergo your own research in discovering its incredible benefits for the body and soul.

Since the 5th century this magnificent lotus fabric has only been worn by Buddhist monks and the highest royalty, until now.

*Source: French Institute of Textiles (IFTH) April 2020.

Care instructions: Please wash before use. Please hand wash with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dry in a shady spot. Please note the first few washes may lose some colour due to the nature of the natural dyes.

See Product Disclaimer for any further advice on usage and information on returns.


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Written by Reggie on 21st Dec 2021

Feels like nothing at all

This is the best mask I've ever tried. I was skeptical due to the price for each mask but they are so breathable and light, I need to order a couple more so I have all the colours

Written by Lisa on 22nd Oct 2021

Facial masks

Best masks ever! I wear glasses for work & no fogging up at all, so comfortable & cool to wear. Love the story behind this company. Thank you so much xx

Written by Louise on 12th Aug 2021

Women's Storm Face Mask

This is soft and breathing feels easier through the cotton and lotus fabric. Unfortunately, it is just that bit too small for my face and slides down very easily when talking. It is disappointing that I cannot wear it. I did also assume that they came with a nose strip that could be bent to hold it in place but I see now the strips are only sold separately in packs (but, anyway, I couldn't see that they could be inserted into the storm mask hem...?) Absolutely great, though, to see that these are ethically made in Cambodia and from all natural plant fibres! I was happy to spend more to support all of this.

Written by Kathy on 3rd Aug 2021

Review of womens face mask

I am against mask wearing. However I am glad I came across your product via Anita Jamiesons Instagram account. I have been following Anita on Insta for a while now and I know that she would only recommend something she totally believes in. This particular mask is definitley much more breathable than the ordinary surgical masks as theyre made of a natural product. I have bought one for all of my family.

Written by Barry on 14th Aug 2020

Great mask. And Ive tried many!

I live in Los Angeles and have been wearing masks for sometime and will likely have to continue doing so for quite some time to come. This mask is super comfortable and doesnt expose my nose when I talk. It is fine to wear continously while out walking the dog, or going to the store. It fits really well and is my new go to. Im even sending these as gifts to friends and family now.

Written by Jane Gray on 10th Aug 2020

Mask - correction

Hi Leanne, Keep up the great work! Jane