Raw Womens Microfibre Face Mask


Our most popular and highly sought-after face covering due to its breathability and innovative lotus fabric panel. This Acala Stem face covering is designed with 2 outer layers of organic cotton, and the inner panel is 100% pure lotus. The fibres are soft, silky, light-weight, ultra-breathable and super absorbent, ideal for a humid climate. Creating a static charge, thanks to its 200,000 fibres per inch of fabric, the lotus microfibre filters over 4 times more than ordinary cloth.

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The outer 2 layers are organic cotton and the centre double layer is lotus silk. The lotus microfibres absorb 7 times their weight in water, dry 3 times faster than cotton, are smooth on the skin and are hypoallergenic.

The lotus silk middle panel is 99% antibacterial, soft, silky, light-weight, ultra-breathable and super absorbent in humidity. Our lotus microfibre is produced with no water, electricity, oil or gas to produce, preserving our planet's precious resources, and making it the most ecological fabric on earth. We have a strong partnership with a textile social enterprise in Cambodia, empowering women to work from home with their children and to become financially independent.

Hand wash in mild detergent. Line dry. Iron on warm. Can be tumble-dried but may shrink.

Wear over the face as needed. Make sure the mask is fitted securely around the cheeks and under the chin. Straps can be adjusted as required.


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