Pure Lotus Yoga Eye Pillow

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The most exclusive and luxurious eye pillow in the world. Made from 100% pure lotus silk. The lotus is the highest frequency plant on earth, which means this lotus eye pillow also has the highest vibration. Ultra-soft to touch and feels amazing on your skin, like a kiss from mother earth.


These little pillows penetrate a nerve just below the surface called the ‘vagus’ nerve, the main balancer of the parasympathetic nervous system. The pressure on the vagus nerve is known to regulate heart rate, aid digestion, and also regulate mood. It gives the mind and body permission to relax and let go. This nerve also evokes parts of the brain that enable us to reach out and connect with others. Relaxation is enabled through the perfect amount of pressure applied to your eyes, transmitting into the rest of the muscles in your face and shoulders. This neurological signal gives your body and mind the message of relaxation and even pleasure.


• Relaxes the vagus nerve, bringing instant calm

• 100% plant-based

• Great gift idea

• High vibrational

• Always ethically-made

• Factory-free and slavery-free

• The most eco-friendly fibre on earth

• Woven with no oil, gas, water or electricity

• Supporting vulnerable women in Cambodia

• Made with no chemicals or harmful dyes

• Winner of 2 Clean & Conscious Awards including the Social Responsibility Award for 2021

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How To Use Place over your eyes and lay back for a calming experience. Use during meditation or during savasana.
Material & Care Instructions Remove lotus silk cover and hand wash outer casing in cold water with non-chemical detergent and line dry. Machine wash inner casing separately in warm water on gentle cycle with an approved detergent. Tumble dry on low setting or line dry.


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