Pure Lotus Silk Pillow Case

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It's like a treatment for your face and hair while you sleep. 100% plant-based and high vibrational – the ultimate fabric for your skin to rest and recover. Lotus silk is set to take over the modern healthy fashion and wellness movement, being a sacred symbol of spirituality, healing and wellbeing for thousands of years.
Lotus silk stands in a league of its own, with unrivalled luxury and softness, not found in any other naturally-derived fabric.


Lotus stem is a proven superfood, a natural botanical grown wild and in continuous abundance across freshwater lakes, nourished by rainwater. The manganese content of lotus stem is beneficial to bone health & reduces inflammation. Many other health benefits of lotus stem include a blend of phytonutrients, vitamins & minerals. These include iron, potassium, phosphorous as well as thiamin, pantothenic acid, zinc, vitamin B6 & vitamin C.


• Ultra-soft

• Hypoallergenic

• High vibrational

• 100% plant-based

• 99% antibacterial

• Rich in vitamins and minerals

• Always ethically-made

• Factory-free and cruelty-free

• The most eco-friendly fibre on earth

• Woven with no oil, gas, water or electricity

Other Details
SKU: ASSS03-1-2a
Release Date: Expected release date is 7th Sep 2022
Material & Care Instructions Hand wash in mild or wool wash detergent and line dry in a shady spot. Use warm iron on low if needed.
How To Use Use to sleep on as well as a display pillow.


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