Lotus Silk Dining Table Runner


Be one of the first to make lotus silk part of your next dinner party. For lovers of fine fabrics. For those who value original and high-quality interiors. Lotus silk is world-renowned for its luxury and quality, making it the perfect choice for those who want only the best for their dining experiences.
As seen in Vogue, the Acala Stem Lotus Silk dining Table Runner is award-winning for social responsibility and is leading the future in luxury homewares.

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High vibrational and unique - every piece is original and made factory-free, and cruelty-free. For centuries lotus silk was only preserved for the highest royalty across Indochina. Now it's your turn. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% lotus silk.

• Handcrafted on a wooden loom.

• Made with 50% lotus silk.

• High vibrational.

• 100% plant-based.

• Always ethically made.

• Made factory-free and cruelty-free.

• No harmful chemicals or dyes.

• Every piece is uniquely handwoven.

• Supports vulnerable women in rural communities of Cambodia.

• Winner of Clean & Conscious Awards Social Responsibility Award for 2021.

Place it in the centre of your table as a centrepiece to your dinner party.

1 table runner (small) 28cm x 143 cm Care instructions for table runner: Machine or hand wash in mild or wool wash detergent and line dried in a shady spot.


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