Lotus Storm Traditional Weave Scarf

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In the darkest mud, the lotus does not know the sun above. Yet, it perseveres to emerge beautiful and whole. This flower believes in new beginnings.

Mother earth worked so hard to bring us the lotus. So we’ve worked hard to bring you its microfibre.

Experience the unrivalled softness. A unique scarf for all seasons, protecting you in winter, yet ultra-lightweight & cooling, with super absorbency for a humid climate. 

Our signature lotus scarves are all handmade using no water, gas, oil or electricity, preserving our earth’s precious resources. Even the stems are collected from under the water with a raft and oar. We also use Dystar dye which is certified Ecotex and contains no heavy metals.

Accessories are a great way to re-invent the wardrobe you already own. Don’t save her for a special occasion. Every day is special.

For centuries eastern philosophers have sworn by the lotus’s remedial healing abilities, which they believe can aid the treatment of anxiety, fertility, headaches, heart ailments, asthma and lung issues. Since the 5th century this magnificent fabric has only been worn by Buddhist monks and the highest royalty, until now. 

Let your Acala Stem scarf bring you peace and help soothe and calm you.

Dimensions for scarf: 1.50 x 0.5m

Care instructions: Please handwash in wool wash or non-chemical detergent and line dry in a shady spot. Can be ironed on low with a thin layer in between.

Please note 3 week production time for new orders.


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Written by Sarina Sorrenti on 11th Nov 2020

Quality fabric beautiful on my skin

Loved my new Acala stem scarf experience. As soon as it arrived it came with a beautiful storage box - it felt like a treasure chest. The fabric is soft and light on my skin. Unlike other scarfs I was aware of wearing it and it felt connected to me. Acala stem have beautiful ethical treasures.