Lotus Silk Yoga Savasana wrap

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Wrap yourself in pure love – the purity of the healing sacred lotus, woven into a luxury wrap, suitable for all seasons.

It’s cooling enough for summer, yet still keeps you warm in winter. Lotus silk is an ideal fabric to be worn during savasana and meditation. The lotus plant is the highest vibrating plant on the planet, therefore makes for a wonderful manifesting device.

This truly special luxury wrap is unlike any other garment you’ve ever worn. To touch it feels like a cloud. To wear it’s ultra-breathbale. You feel light, and free of any heavy or suffocating fabrics. It feels barely there around your neck, is still cooling in the humid climate, and protecting in the cooler winds.

Our signature lotus yarn is lovingly made by hand and woven on a traditional wooden loom using no water, gas, oil or electricity, preserving our earth’s precious resources. Even the stems are collected from under the water with a raft and oar.

Our pieces are made to be treasured. The future heirloom that just gets better and softer with age. The superior lotus silk fabric is delicate, but durable and woven to last into the coming decades. What we wear directly affects our mental and physical wellbeing, because everything has a vibration.

There is a knowing when we wear high-quality, high vibrational plant-based fabrics on our skin. This is the forgotten pillar of health & wellness.

Let your Acala Stem wrap bring you peace and help soothe and calm you. 

Size: 155cm x 55cm

Care instructions for eye pillow: The outer casing of cotton/lotus fabric is hand-washable with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dried in a shady spot. The organic cotton inner casing can be machine washable once all filling is removed. 

Care instructions for scrunchie: Hand wash with mild or wool detergent and line dry. Warm iron.

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