Lotus Silk Crown Chakra Yoga Headband


Why is it so significant to wear lotus silk on your head? The seventh chakra, also known as Sahasrara or the crown chakra, is often depicted as a thousand-petal lotus flower, in full bloom at the crown of your head.

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"Opening the crown chakra can help combat hopelessness, isolation and disconnection. When the crown chakra opens, you can experience spiritual growth, a heightened imagination and a higher consciousness."

Perfect for wicking away sweat, keeping your hair off your face, and preventing distraction during practice.

• Handcrafted on a wooden loom.

• Made with 50% ultra-soft lotus silk.

• Hypoallergenic.

• High vibrational.

• 100% plant-based.

• Always ethically made.

• Cruelty-free.

• No harmful chemicals and no dyes.

• A powerful tool to assist with manifestation and crown chakra opening during yoga and meditation.


50% lotus / 50% cotton. Hand wash or machine wash with mild detergents. Line dry. Warm iron if needed.

Wear during yoga for a heightened experience and tame those flyaway hairs during certain poses.


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