Lotus Silk and Organic Cotton Napkins

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The Lotus Silk and Organic Cotton Napkins are the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your dining experience. These beautiful, sustainable napkins are made of 50% organic cotton and 50% lotus microfiber.

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Woven by hand on a traditional wooden loom, which requires no water, gas, electricity or oil to operate. Made with zero chemicals, and zero dyes, this is the ultimate luxury fabric for your fine dining celebrations. Our lotus microfibre has been clinically tested with antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%. Available in two sizes, they're sure to fit any table setting.

Other strong benefits include:

• High vibrational.

• Made with 50% lotus silk and 50% organic cotton.

• Proven 99% antibacterial.

• Lotus is naturally packed with vitamins and minerals.

• Always ethically made by skilled artisans.

• Factory-free and cruelty-free.

• Unrivalled softness.

• Lotus silk is woven with no oil, gas, water or electricity.

• Contains no heavy metals.

• Supports vulnerable women in rural communities.

• Winner of Clean & Conscious Awards Social Responsibility Award for 2021.

To use, simply place one on your lap before starting to eat. When you're finished, fold the napkin in half and then in half again. Then, tuck it under your plate to keep it clean until the end of the meal.

Cotton/lotus fabric is hand-washable (recommended) or machine-washable with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dried in a shady spot.


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