Lotus Bestie Gift Set


The Lotus Bestie Gift Set is the perfect conscious gift for your favourite person, keeping skin hydrated all day with the beautiful Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil and lotus silk, eco-pads in a sweet lotus silk cosmetic bag.

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Set contains: 3 x Lotus Silk Make Up Remover Rounds, 1 Blue Lotus Jojoba Blend Face & Hair Oil 5ml, 1 Lotus Silk Cosmetic Bag.

Our own organic cotton/lotus fabric has been manually woven on a traditional wooden loom, which requires no water, gas, electricity or oil to operate. Just a highly skilled and highly valued artisan who’s weaving knowledge has been passed down for generations.

Our pure lotus fabric has been clinically tested with an antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%*. This is big news for keeping the skin clear and preventing any further promotion of acne from contact.

For centuries eastern philosophers and traditional chinese alchemists has sworn by the Lotus’s powerful abilities.

Every purchase of your Bestie Gift Set supports and empowers women in Cambodia to become financially independent, with a fair wage and flexible working conditions. The same you’d expect for your own loved ones.

Other known important benefits of blue lotus oil include:

• Temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

• Helps control sebum production.

• May help promote collagen synthesis.

• Can reduce inflammation & redness.

• Can calm and soothe irritated skin.

• Help to balance the skin's oil content, to help to combat acne breakouts.

Cleanse makeup with remover rounds using cleanser of choice and apply a few drops of Blue Lotus Oil to calm and protect the skin.

Please handwash makeup removers and cosmetic bag in wool wash or non-chemical detergent and line dry in a shady spot.


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