Lotus Flower Bath Petals 20g


If you're looking for a way to add a little luxury to your bath time routine, look no further than our Lotus Flower Bath Petals. These beautiful petals are perfect for scattering in your tub, creating a relaxing and indulgent experience.

The lotus flower is known for its connection to beauty, purity and spirituality, making it the perfect addition to any relaxation ritual. Our bath petals are made with real dried lotus flowers, so you can be sure you're getting the highest quality product.

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The ultimate flower bath, deep relaxation and powerful properties of lotus. A rare and exclusive bath tea packed with vitamins and minerals. Perfect for bathing rituals and other manifesting ceremonies. The lotus flower is the highest-frequency plant on planet earth, perfect for raising your vibration. This bath tea is 99% antibacterial, for a deep cleansing, luxury bathing experience.

• Contains only lotus petals and stamens.

• Packaging becomes an attractive glass drink bottle.

• Great gift idea.

• Can temporarily reduce inflammation.

• An antibacterial activity of more than 99%.

• Calming properties to help promote sleep.

• High vibrational.

• Always ethically produced.

• Factory-free and slavery-free.

• Supporting vulnerable women in Cambodia.

• Made with no chemicals or dyes.

• Winner of 2 Clean & Conscious Awards including the Social Responsibility Award for 2021.

Sprinkle the desired amount into a warm bath. Leave petals and stamens to infuse for 5 minutes before stepping in. Before emptying the bath water, remove the petals with a strainer.

Contains only lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) flower petals and stamens.


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Written by Clean and Conscious Awards review by Emily Fletcher on 8th Jun 2022

Lotus Flower Bath Petals

Exquisitely packaged, in congruence with the reverence given to spiritual symbolism of the lotus, this is a very special bath tea. I love that the creation of this product came about by rescuing the harvest of lotus petals which were intended for tea at hotels in Cambodia, but whose orders were cancelled due to the pandemic. It certainly created a divinely luxurious bath experience and I love the idea of bathing in water infused with all the lotus’ natural minerals and nutrients.

Written by Clean and Conscious Awards review by Fiona Morouco on 8th Jun 2022

Lotus Flower Bath Petals

I love the bath ceremony and the ritual nature of having a bath with the lotus flowers present. It’s a wonderful way to relax. I love that the bottle can be reused after you’ve used the lotus flowers in your bath. Wonderful that this business is also supporting women and children in Cambodia.

Written by Clean and Conscious Awards review by Niccii Kugler on 8th Jun 2022

Lotus Flower Bath Petals

The Acala Stem Lotus Flower Bath Ceremony is a heavenly way to indulge in the ritual of bathing. Once I learned more about the background of how this conscious and luxurious product originated, it only increased my appreciation for the joy of experiencing it. I am blown away by how much thought, care and consideration has gone into its creation. I also absolutely LOVE that the packaging is plastic free and doubles as a glass drinking bottle once you have finished the lotus petals. Genius!

Written by Clean and Conscious Awards review by Sarah Berry on 8th Jun 2022

Lotus Flower Bath Petals

All about the ritual, from the packing to the experience of the petals opening in the bath and the container, which can be used as a water bottle afterwards, the Lotus Flower Bath Ceremony is so thoughtful and calming. A beautiful gift to any bath-lover – yourself included! Acala Stem has considered the supply chain and visited suppliers to ensure their product aligns with their values.