Lotus Flower Bath Petals 20g

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The lotus flower is the highest frequency plant on planet earth. It has a very high vibration of upliftment, which is why it was once only preserved for the highest ranking Buddhist monks and royalty.


There is a long list of dried lotus flower benefits for bathing, including the infusion of vitamins and minerals, including zinc, Vitamins B & C, and the antibacterial properties of lotus.

The fatty acids and proteins present in the lotus flower keep the skin nourished at all times. Lotus extracts contain skin balancing properties, which help balance sebum production in the body. In oily skins, this can help prevent clogged pores, acne and blackheads.

Lotus is rich in the amino acid 'taurine', which helps the body burn fat. Taurine slows the speed with which your body will absorb fat. As a result, when the body is regularly infused with taurine, it can be easier to burn fat naturally through diet or exercise. For this reason lotus flowers and stamens have been popular with bathing. Cleopatra loved the lotus flower bath. She would take a lotus flower bath every day and would also use the perfume of the lotus blossom to scent the sails of her royal ship. 

Other benefits of lotus are:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • An antibacterial activity of more than 99%
  • Calming properties to help promote sleep (so best used at night)


Our Lotus Flower Bath Petals is an accidental product. We initially resuced many kilos of petals when hotels cancelled their lotus tea orders throughout Asia last year. Local farmers in Cambodia had an excess of these sacred petals, hence the initial very special release, packaged into our beautiful glass bottles we already had available from a previous promotion. Fast forward 12 months, and our lotus bath has won 2 awards at this year's Clean & Conscious Awards including Gold in its category and the overall Social Responsibility award.

Lotus Flower Bath Petals is the ultimate flower bath for bathing lovers. Bathing in lotus petals and stamens is a very calming, & therapeutic experience, intensified by the lotus flowers spiritual significance, along with its proven benefits to the skin and the soul.

Directions for use: Sprinkle a desired small amount of the dried lotus flower petals and stamens into your bath. You don't need a lot to reap the benefits of the lotus flower bath ritual. Let the tea infuse in the flower bath for 5 minutes before stepping in and let the ultimate indulgence begin. No Bath? No problem, a foot bath in a bucket can be just as beneficial to your health. DO NOT INGEST.

Remove excess bath petals with a sieve before emptying the bath water. Place wet petals on your plants or garden for a wonderful fertilizer.

Retain glass packaging for a lovely drink bottle.

Ingredients: 100% Pure organic 
sacred lotus petals and stamens
(Nelumbo nucifera)

Grown in Siem Reap Cambodia
Packaged in Melbourne by Acala Stem

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