Event Preparation Set


Got a big event coming up? This set is the perfect way to prep and set your vibration to High, right before you walk out the door.

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Set worth $233 includes:

  • 5ml Blue Lotus Face & Hair Oil
  • 1 Lotus Silk Crown Chakra Headband
  • 1 Lotus Flower Bath Petals
  • 1 Lotus Silk Cosmetic Bag
  • 1 Lotus Silk eco-pad
  • Lovingly gift boxed

(Please note: set does not include dried flowers. For illustrative purpose only)

The combination of the highest quality blue lotus essential oil and certified organic jojoba oil make for a pure and dreamy elixir for your skin, hair and your soul. A special indulgence you'll look forward to each time.

How To Use Blue Lotus Hair & Face Oil: Warm a little oil between the palm of your hands, inhale & apply outwards over the face and neck in a circular motion - run the remaining oil through the ends of your hair for extra hydration.

How To Use Lotus Flower Bath Petals: Sprinkle the desired amount into a warm bath. Leave petals and stamens to infuse for 5 minutes before stepping in. Before emptying the bath water, remove the petals with a strainer.

How To Use Lotus Silk Cosmetic Bag: This all-purpose bag can also be a travel bag, first aid kit bag, medicine bag, pencil case, evening bag and many other functions.


Other known important benefits of blue lotus oil include:

• Temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

• Helps control sebum production.

• May help promote collagen synthesis.

• Can reduce inflammation & redness.

• Can calm and soothe irritated skin.

• Help to balance the skin's oil content, to help to combat acne breakouts.

Consult with your health professional if you have any pre-existing health conditions or are taking medications before using this product.


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