Lotus Crown Chakra Yoga Scrunchie


This Lotus Crown Chakra Yoga Scrunchie is made from lotus silk and is a great way to incorporate your love of yoga and the spirit of self-care into your day.

The lotus flower represents purity, and it's often associated with compassion and strength. The lotus also symbolizes enlightenment and spiritual growth—which makes it a perfect symbol for the crown chakra, which represents our connection to higher powers.

The lotus has been used in Asia since ancient times as a tool for meditation. When you wear this scrunchie, you'll be able to feel that same sense of calmness and focus that comes from sitting down to meditate.

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If you're looking for a scrunchie that's as unique as you are, look no further than the Lotus Crown Chakra Yoga Scrunchie. Handcrafted with more than 50 lotus stems, this scrunchie is not only beautiful but also spiritually meaningful.

The lotus has long been associated with spiritual growth and enlightenment and is said to promote a sense of peace and calm. Whether you're looking to add a touch of spirituality to your yoga practice, or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the lotus flower, this scrunchie is a must-have.

This Lotus Crown Chakra Yoga Scrunchie is an ethical and environmental statement. A very unique and useful gift for those hard to buy for.

Dimensions when flat: 8cm wide

Other strong benefits include:

• Made of 100% pure antibacterial lotus silk.

• Great gift idea.

• High vibrational.

• Always ethically made.

• Factory-free and slavery-free.

• The most eco-friendly fibre on earth.

• Woven with no oil, gas, water or electricity.

• Supporting vulnerable women in Cambodia.

• Made with no chemicals or harmful dyes.

• Winner of Clean & Conscious Awards Social Responsibility Award for 2021.

Simply tie your hair back with the scrunchie. The lotus flower is seen as a symbol of purity and enlightenment. So wearing this scrunchie can help you feel more connected to your higher self and achieve a greater sense of peace and calm.

Care instructions: Hand wash with non-chemical or wool wash and line dry. Can be ironed on low heat.


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