Blue Lotus Jojoba Blend Face Oil 5ml

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Blue Lotus Pure Essential Oil (5%)
In Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

With only 2 pure plant-based ingredients, it's what's not in it that makes your skin and hair love it.

Our skin wants clean feeding, just like the rest of our body. With no added alcohol or other chemicals for preservatives, this is a very popular and highly-sought after skin and hair elixir.

The combination of mystical blue lotus and certified organic jojoba oil makes a powerful and magical plant-based remedy for your skin, hair and your soul. Your skin and hair love how thin the oil feels, and instantly soak up the jojoba and blue lotus goodness.

Some benefits of jojoba include:
• A trusted source of antioxidant
• Temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Helps control sebum production
• May help promote collagen synthesis
• Instantly boosts skin’s glow
• Amazing clean and botanical makeup primer

Some benefits of blue Lotus include:
• A natural moisturiser to help improve the look and condition of dry skin
• Suitable for nearly all skin types
• Reduce inflammation
• Can calm and soothe irritated skin
• Help to balance the skin's oil content, to help to combat acne breakouts
• Promotes calm and lifts the mood with a beautiful floral scent

Ingredients: Blue lotus essential oil (5%), certified organic jojoba oil. That's all.
Directions: Test patch on skin first. Add 4-6 drops to palm first then apply to face or hair. Avoid close to eyes. Do not ingest. Do not apply when pregnant or nursing. Store in the fridge or a cool place to preserve the natural ingredients for up to 6 months.

We only use pure 100% therapeutic grade essential oil. Contains no synthetic additives, alcohol, chemicals or fillers.

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