Wellness Activities for Busy People to Practice in May

Wellness Activities for Busy People to Practice in May

Did you know May is the month of mindfulness (a.k.a Mindful in May)? Today our founder Leanne will share her best wellness activities that you can follow to practice mindfulness right at the comfort of your home.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information out there on what self care really is, what it truly means, and how to do it. Self care and self love have become such modern day buzzwords.

I believe in the seven dimensions of wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Social (SPECIES). It means accepting yourself as you are, following your intuition and uncovering the joy in the everyday.

Today I want to share some wellness activities that have literally changed my life. These are essential practices to maintaining my physical and mental health. I hope these rituals become a sacred source of light for you too, as many times over they’ve saved me.

If it weren’t for these rituals, I would not have found the courage and strength to launch this business and keep pushing it forward. Small changes to your routine each day can have a profound impact on your life.

Simple Wellness Activities to Try At Home

1. Immersing in Nature in the Morning

When it comes to finding time, it’s quality over quantity.

I run two businesses and I’m a full-time solo parent, so time is extremely precious. But 5 minutes of conscious, quality, full-engaged awareness of my surroundings has a bigger impact than 5 hours of disconnected, disengaged activity.

You shouldn’t need to leave your home to immerse in nature.

Making your home an eco-friendly sanctuary is another way to immerse yourself in nature. Removing excess plastic, adding more live plants and plant-based products is the perfect therapy for your skin, body, and soul if it’s craving Mother Nature’s healing, and tired of artificial chemicals, dyes, fragrances or factory-made materials.

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2. Quick Meditation in the Afternoon

Mother Earth has an unlimited source of energy. It’s absolutely free and available to all of us.

Whenever I’m running low on energy, I love to leverage Mother Earth’s power by doing the Padma Mudra pose. Padma Mudra means “Lotus Seal” in Sanskrit. This Lotus Mudra opens the heart chakra and is a symbol of purity. This pose symbolises a lotus flower opening to the light, having triumphed through the mud, to blossom in all its glory.

Just a few minutes in this simple hand pose, with deep slow breaths, also helps me draw in more energy from the enormous glowing heat from the centre of earth’s crust, allowing me to get more from my busy days. And give more to those I love. The ocean can have the same effect too if you think about its size and power.

We tend not to meditate at all because we think we have to make a fuss around creating the right setting. But connecting to source energy can happen anywhere. This can be practiced at the traffic lights, in the shower, even during a draining zoom meeting.

Usually what exhausts us the most is the mental weight we carry on our shoulders. You have full permission to put it all down, and plug-in for a re-charge.

Tapping into the magic of Mother Earth can take courage and persistence. There’s no real trick to it, you just have to understand there’s a direct line connecting us to all of earth’s elements (especially fire and water) and plug it in. It’s been my secret way to re-charge for years.

Still unsure?

Placing one hand on your stomach and taking 3 deep slow breaths and simply think about the ocean’s size, or the centre of the earth’s crust will still bring delicious benefits. I challenge you to try it for 7 days, then let me know how you go :)

3. Creating a “Goddess Bath” in the Evening

I’ve always been a bather, even in my adult-life. I can’t go a week without lying in the bath. It helps me wind down, regulates my nervous system and always gives me a better sleep. Bathing in the lotus flowers and stamens is next level – it’s always helped me connect with my feminine side, as I spend a lot of time in masculine energy – thinking rather than feeling. Doing, rather than being.

Lotus represents long life, purity, health, fertility, honour and good luck. The stamen from the sacred lotus flower is the most potent part, inducing deep relaxation and feelings of bliss.

My wellness ritual has always started from the inside, and I love what the blissed out feelings do for my complexion. It gives me a glow and helps me attract even more goodness into my life.

Wherever I have space in the diary, I schedule my goddess bath and make a promise to myself. I sometimes even say no to social events if I have a goddess bath in my calendar, (my friends are used to hearing this) particularly on a full moon. Showing up for ourselves and keeping small promises to ourselves is so important. This creates self-trust, which is the path to self-love and acceptance.

No bath, no problem. A lotus flower foot bath is also very beneficial.

Lotus Flower Bath Petals 20g
Lotus Flower Bath Petals 20g

Lotus flower bath petals

In Traditional Chinese medicine, soaking your feet enhances the flow of energy in your body and promotes blood circulation. It can relax the body and greatly improve sleep quality.

The truth is, there are no one-size-fits-all self-care tips. Self care is simply giving your soul what it needs, so you can be energised, and get rid of that draining feeling of fatigue, that’s sadly becoming our norm.

What are your favourite wellness activities? Share with me in the comment section below or tag me #acalastem on Instagram.