Mind-blowing Benefits of The Lotus Flower You May Not Know About

Mind-blowing Benefits of The Lotus Flower You May Not Know About

For many centuries, people have been drawn to the lotus flower (a.k.a. Nelumbo Nucifera) for its beautiful appearance and pleasant scent. The uniqueness of the lotus flower has led to its wide use throughout history - becoming the wellness go-to for both its practical and spiritual benefits.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it as a symbol in their art and architecture. Asian cultures use lotus petals to flavour sweets, soups and tea. Lotus is also a popular ingredient in cooking today—the root, stem and leaves are cooked into dishes like curries, while the flower buds are often pickled. In China, lotus flowers are popular with various meanings and benefits spiritually, aesthetically and even health-wise.

Here are some of the lesser known but most powerful benefits of the lotus flower.

1. The Lotus Has Been A Functional Food and Herb Medicine for Over 2,000 Years

According to this 2019 research study on traditional and modern use of lotus, the lotus flower has been used as a vegetable, functional food and herb medicine for over 2,000 years. It also contains a broad spectrum of at least 255 constituents belonging to different chemical groups, including proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, starch, flavonoids, alkaloids, essential oils, triterpenoids, steroids and glycosides.

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Lotus has been used has food and herb medicine for a long time.

More surprisingly, different parts of the lotus flower hold their own unique benefits for our bodies. For example:

  • Lotus rhizome and seed are traditionally used to treat chronic dyspepsia, enteritis, hematuria, insomnia, palpitations, tissue inflammation, cancer, improving appetite and memory and boosting immunity.
  • Lotus leaves and plumules are traditionally used to treat diarrhoea, hemoptysis, metrorrhagia, hyperlipidemia, obesity, nervous disorders, insomnia, high fevers with restlessness and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and arrhythmia.
  • Lotus flower has long been used as a traditional medicine to treat fever, diarrhoea, premature ejaculation and hyperdipsia.

2. The Benefits of Lotus Flower for Skin and Hair

Lotus flowers are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. They contain many active ingredients that can bring profound benefits to your skin and hair. 

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help strengthen skin and hair. 

According to Leanne Savage, Acala Stem’s founder, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin C in lotus can help make your skin complexion brighter.

“It’s proven antibacterial and antifungal, which has huge benefits to the skin, especially controlling excess oil production. It also helps tame acne, which is why our face masks were so popular. When you wear masks made from synthetic fibres, your skin can’t breathe, so acne will break out,” Leanne explains.

Another significant benefit of lotus flower is its anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce irritation and redness in your skin. Leanne has used a pure lotus silk pillow case for over 1.5 years, and it has become a game-changer for her skin. “There wasn’t any sort of miracle overnight, but over time, my skin’s ageing was literally reversing, and I didn’t realise this until I stopped using the lotus pillow for a while when we moved house and I was too busy. I then noticed a difference in my skin. It was starting to look drawn, not as bright as before when I was sleeping on the lotus. And then I got back on my lotus pillow, and it just made such a big difference to my skin. I also like that it’s cruelty-free unlike regular silk, and 100% plant-based.”

3. Lotus Flower: A Calming Symbol of Purity and Reflection

Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, compassion and love and has a very high vibration and consciousness. That’s why it’s often associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment in many Eastern cultures, including India, Japan and China.

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Lotus is a calming symbol or purity, compassion and love.

A lotus flower grows through the thickest mud, and emerges clean and pure, rising above all other plants around it. This symbolises how we should rise above all negativity and live our lives with no attachments and no fear of losing anything or anyone.

“If you’re around someone happy, your vibration is high, and you’re happy. If you’re around someone sad, your vibration will lower and therefore, and this can impact your overall mood. So when you’re around high vibrations, you feel better, and there are so many benefits to being around something that is highly vibrational, which is why I’m so drawn to the lotus flower” says Leanne.

When it comes to beauty care, lotus flower is an essential ingredient. It’s full of nutrients that help your skin stay soft, supple and healthy. If you’re looking for wellness products made from lotus flowers, shop now on our store. We offer a wide range of products, including Blue Lotus Jojoba Blend Face & Hair Oil, Lotus Muslin Face Cloth, Lotus Flower Bath Petals, Lotus Silk Reusable Makeup Remover Rounds, Lotus Silk Sleep Mask and more.