3 pack adults: Raw Lotus Microfibre traditional unisex Face Mask

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If you’ve been suffering from acne due to wearing cheap masks with poor breathability, we have good news for you.

Acala Stem mask’s inner layer of lotus microfibre has been clinically tested at Nelson Laboratories in the USA for their Breathability (Differential Pressure, or Delta P) and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE). 

The inner filling of our masks have an antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%*. In simple terms, the anti-bacterial properties of the lotus microfibre means it not only prevents bacteria from forming, it actually kills it within 24 hours. 

The ultra-thin, breathable layer of lotus microfibre between the organic cotton is trapping an extra 63% of microns at 0.3 in size. With the breathability result of 0.54, that’s 8-10 times more breathable than the plastic disposable variety. See more findings in summary below:

• An antibacterial activity (antibiosis) of greater than 99%*.

• Breathability (pressure differential) of 0.54 (mm H2O/cm2) i.e. 8 - 10 times better than medical-grade face masks #.

• The ability to filtrate nearly two-thirds of sub-micron particles ^. 

Our Raw Lotus Microfibre traditional unisex face covering is designed with 3 breathable layers and adjustable straps. The outer layer is a soft organic cotton and the middle layer panel contains lotus microfibre. The fibres are soft, silky, light-weight, ultra-breathable and super absorbent.

The Production process of our lotus microfibre requires no water, electricity, oil or gas to produce, preserving our planet's precious resources, making it the most ecological fabric in the world. 

For centuries eastern philosophers have documented the powerful properties of the Lotus stem (also known as lotus root) and its symbolic importance. The health benefits of lotus root are endless. We encourage you to undergo your own research in discovering its incredible benefits for the body and soul.

* Testing was performed to the Korean Standard KS K 0693:2016. 
# Testing performed to the European standard EN 14683:2019, Annex C and the American Standard ASTM F2100:19.
^ Testing was performed to the American Standard ASTM F2299 with a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of 63% at 0.3 micro-metres (microns).

Dimensions when flat: 18cm x 10cm.

Please note: Shades of the raw cotton may vary, please see image attached on variants of shades.

Care instructions: Please wash before use. Machine washable with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dry in a shady spot. Can be ironed on a low wool/delicate setting.

See Product Disclaimer for any further advice on usage and information on returns.



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Written by Kerry on 10th May 2022

Raw lotus women's face masks

Fabric is amazing and so soft Will definitely purchase again

Written by Alice on 23rd Dec 2021

Great quality masks and even better service

I received my lovely masks in good time, all things considered with logistics, and unfortunately some of my order was incorrect. It was not too much trouble for this to be rectified by the Acala Stem team and I had replacements in my mailbox within two days. Great service and the masks are lovely and breathable for the summer weather. Will buy again for sure.

Written by Marita on 19th Nov 2021

Great breathability

These breathe really well and are very comfortable. As its started to heat up here its not too much wearing these all day, like it is with other masks. They fit very well on my and my partners face and are easy to talk with. 100% recommend these.

Written by Lou on 15th Oct 2021

Breathe Easy

I used to think all masks were created equal but I have been proven so wrong! I had to attend a medical appt today, turned up in my new Acala mask and was asked to replace it with their own surgical mask…

Written by Sandra on 8th Aug 2021

Raw Lotus Microfibre face covering

Upon reading the review of ACALA STEM face masks I was intrigued so I had a look on the website for more information. Although I am not a fan of wearing masks at all, Acala Stem face masks are so beautiful on my face. Upon receiving my parcel I was excited to finally see these masks in the flesh. Immediately, I was very pleased I bought the three pack. Acala Stem face masks are so beautiful on my face. Also, your packaging is absolutely gorgeous - all of it! The pouch, the thank you card and the bookmark with your story. Thank you so much, for your values, the contribution you give your workers, your well considered products, your story and the luscious fabric you use. And thank you for your wonderful customer service.

Written by Ines on 10th Sep 2020

Comfort mask

By far, the most comfortable mask I’ve bought so far. I don’t feel suffocated.

Written by Lauren Triplett on 27th Aug 2020

Very Happy

Love my new masks. Most comfortable I’ve tried, smell lovely, easy to wash and dry. Hoping it helps my mask related breakouts but haven’t had them long enough to know for sure. Existing breakouts seem to be healing though, so that is a good sign. Would recommend.

Written by Bianca on 13th Aug 2020

Face mask

I absolutely love this product!!! I have very sensitive skin and even cotton face masks were leaving me with red marks or rashes... highly recommended! Am able to breathe on my walks again

Written by BM on 9th Aug 2020

3 pack adults: Raw Lotus Microfibre traditional unisex face covering

Really great Masks, stylish looking light and finally a mask that you can breath through. Wanted to give it 5 stars but when I click on them it only allows 3 to highlight.

Written by Christine Mastello on 22nd Jul 2020


We are attending a wedding in 2 weeks and we did not want to wear unattractive blue masks. These sit very comfortably on your face.