100% Pure Lotus Facial Towel

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Our luxurious, innovative fabric is made from woven lotus stem.

Made with no chemicals or dyes, and produced by hand requiring no electricity, gas, oil, or water, our lotus fabric is the most sustainable on the planet. Even the stems are pulled out of the lakes on a floating raft and oar.

No need for soaps, chemicals or potions, this is the cleanest, most natural botanical facial and an incredible gift to your skin and soul.

Who knew that the secret to the fountain of youth, is literally in a plant. Its powerful anti-aging genetics is opening doors in science and gaining strong recognition in modern academic journals.

The lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) is an evolutionary relic from the prehistoric cretaceous period (135 million years ago). Its survival has been credited to its powerful genetic system that allows it to self-revive and regenerate.

Philosophers & alchemists have been documenting the lotus’s powerful properties for over 2000 years, and we’re weaving it back into the wellness movement. The lotus flower is mother earth’s finest work, as it just keeps on giving.

It’s quick drying, moisture-wicking, ultra-breathable and 99% antibacterial*

All you need is hot water.

When it's finally time to return this fabric and packaging to Mother Earth, she will thank you.

The packaging paper is made from the leftover lotus stem pieces and woven hemp string.

Instructions for use: Wet towel with warm/hot water in the shower or bath and rest over the face. Lightly massage your face with towel to tighten pores and lift impurities.

Care Instructions: Lotus fabric is hand-washable (recommended) with mild wool wash (or non-chemical) detergent and line dried in a shady spot. Warm iron can be used.



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